Healthy Spirit Festival

Join us March 25th from 9am-3pm

Come to healthy Spirit Festival at the Huntington Beach Center for Spiritual Living!!!

Fun and prizes! We'll be doing drawings for some great prizes!


Ambassadors Unlimited - Charles Gehrke 760-963-1261   

Aura &Chakra Imaging & Reports –  John Lundren   818-481-8928   

Aqua Bells – Mike Zinn 714-606-5728 

 CalCopa Massage School - Emily 714-964-7744               Colloidel Silver Products- Stormi Gray 760-992-1790    Gemstones & Jewelry-More than just words Denise Ross 714-828-8220   Huntington Beach Center for Spiritual Living  Bookstore table- 714-596-0900   

Irene Jewelry Girl –Premier Designs-  Irene Gaulke 760-475-0962   Natures Pet Cuisine – Holistic pet products 714-803-2294   

Hypnotherapist- Roy Abadi – 562-895-6619   

Kimandia Lac/Only goodness inside - Dina Saker  630-803-7886      

Medium- Beecham Parker- 323-479-2458   

Energy Healing Therapies - Pat Farrell     760-961-4027  

 Inner Wisdom – Stacey J.Hentschel  949-495-9689     

Naturopathy – Dr. Masha, N.D. 714-924-5592    Psychic Debra Hookey 714-318-6629   

Gems & Silver Treasures- Karen Matthews 714-460-3395   

Psychic- Card & Palm Reader - Linda Jackson   

           Always Holistic – Supplements & Essential Oils 714-803-2294  

Come for the day or just drop by for a moment!

Great deals and wonderful healing modalities!!!

We're excited to have you join us!!!

Great fun!!! 7641 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach for Spiritual Living!