September - Community Service ‬

We  dedicate our time, talent, treasure and expertise to the healthy and  joyful evolution of our spiritual community, the community in which we  live and the greater community of the world.

September 24 - You can change the world

October - Love as a Spiritual Practice  

We create a community wide climate conducive to honest reflection and deep and direct communication.

October 1 – We Belong to Each Other 

October 8 – Undefended Love

October 15 – Fear of Intimacy

October 22 – The Perfect Relationship

October 29 – The Love that Lives Within

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40 Days to a Miracle - Starts October 1st at 11:30am

Based on Gabrielle Berstiens book- May cause Miracles October 1, 15, 29 & Nov 12th at 11:30am